27 April 2019
15–20 h

Social Muscle Club

Other contributors:

Our life is full of helping gestures and small attentions that we receive or offer to others. This daily giving and taking is what community is all about. And yet these gestures often go unnoticed. We want to take a different approach -- we will really let our “social muscles” shine for one long afternoon:

Everyone gets a piece of paper and a pen and writes down what s/he would like to give and what he could need. It may be the wish of a homemade cake for a birthday or that someone takes their dog for a walk. The desires and offers are distributed within the table rounds, so that as many needs as possible are covered. After a few rounds of play, a colourful network of new friendships, shared passions, hidden talents and fulfilled wishes emerges - accompanied by laughter, music and plenty of food and drink.

Live Programming with Prize Ceremony

After the first warm-up round of the Social Muscle Club, the award ceremony of the 2019/20 Prize will take place. Maren Malu Blume and the artist collective Maternal Fantasies were selected by the jury for their special artistic approaches to the future of care work, community and gender. On this evening, they will be officially awarded the Prize. A small exhibition of their work will be on display at the galleries of M.1.

In addition, there will be live music and a delicious buffet by the Landfrauenverein. Jill Emerson, artist and co-founder of the Social Muscle Club, will moderate the evening together with Sascia Bailer, Artistic Director of M.1. This event is at the same time the kick-off for the curatorial program 2019/20, which will be organized by the new artistic director.

A fulfilling evening awaits you, where your social biceps will receive all the attention. Warning: risk of sore muscles!

Exact details of the event will follow