28 September 2019

A Workshop on Trust With Myriam Lefkowitz (performance artist, Paris)

This workshop focuses on the topic of trust, which is trained through performative exercises in public space. Further information will follow.

About the workshop leader

The French-American artist Myriam Lefkowitz (born 1980), who lives in Paris, deals with the relationship between movement and gaze or with the absence of such a relationship. These concerns also shape her ongoing project Walk, Hands, Eyes (Biel/Bienne). A trained dancer guides the "observer" on a fixed route through the city. He is asked to close his eyes and only open on instruction. The performance enhances the sensory experience and transfers the familiar perception of the city to the entire body.

Source: http://www.lemouvement.ch/lefkowitz_en.html


The workshop is open to all who care for other people privately, professionally or voluntarily or who receive care from others themselves - be it at home, in schools, hospitals, day care centres, social projects, etc. With a joint lunch and child care on site (on request). Free accomodation possible for participants from further away. The workshop is free, please register at Sascia Bailer sb@arthurboskamp-stiftung.de or call 04826 850 110.

Part of the workshop series Care for Caregivers

Care work is varied, but the challenges are often the same: chronic overload, lack of support, increased isolation. In a series of workshops led by artists, topics such as trust, communal support, self-esteem and recognition are therefore at the forefront. The participants are given tools and knowledge that they can integrate into their everyday lives. Recognition, exchange and networking of local care workers will be made possible – and care will be provided for those people who mostly care. The workshop series is part of Sascia Bailer's curatorial programme at the Arthur Boskamp-Stiftung. As Artistic Director 2019/2020, she focuses on care work, community and solidarity.

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29. September A Workshop on Trust With Myriam Lefkowitz (performance artist, Paris)