Archive of Encounters A project with students of the HFBK Hamburg / Studio Experimental Design by Prof. Jesko Fezer

Mobile Archive

April 2019–June 2020

The curatorial programme 2019/2020 offers participants the opportunity to exchange experiences and connect with other interested peers. Physical objects may remain after an event but also subjective memories: sensory impressions, surprising encounters, pieces of conversations, special experiences or emotions that have developed during the exchange.

How can these social processes be made visible? What traces remain of these interactions and experiences? Can we create an archive of these encounters that is accessible to the public - and that allows an outside person to participate? What material manifestation do justice to a social interaction? How can the various emotions and impressions during the events and the memories of them be recorded? How can process-based, participatory artistic work be extended and communicated beyond the moment, how can their social character be preserved? In addition - and this especially relevant in the context of care-work - it should be examined more closely who is not able to participate - for time or other reasons - and how another form of participation can be made possible in retrospect.

With these questions in mind, a group of students from the HFBK Hamburg are working on the concept of an "Archive of Encounters". This will be accessible from Spring 2020 onwards at M.1 and will also circulate more publicly through a loaning-system. This mobile "Archive of Encounters" should offer a diverse audience the opportunity to get impressions of the events at M.1, and at the same provide them with a platform to engage with thematic focus of care. This allows people -- who for various reasons (e.g. due to care obligations or physical restrictions) were not able to participate in the programme -- to get a sense of programme while in their own homes, and to additionally make their own experiences with it.

The project is carried out by students of Experimental Design at the HFBK Hamburg (class of Prof. Jesko Fezer):

Kayoung Kim, Pablo Lapettina, Laura Mahnke, Tatjana Schwab, Skadi Sturm

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