Caring Infrastructures How can we collectively build caring infrastructures?


24–31 October 2020

Sunday, 24th of October and Sunday, 25th of October, at M.1 Arthur Boskamp-Stiftung
Curated by Sascia Bailer

With contributions by Malu Blume, Antje Hachenberg, Konzeptwerk Neue Ökonomie, Maternal Fantasies, Polyphrenic Creatures, Studio Experimentelles Design, Klasse Prof. Jesko Fezer, HFBK Hamburg

The multi-sited, multi-voiced, interdisciplinary event on #4 Caring hosted online at HKW will continue at M.1 in Hohenlockstedt on October 24th and 25th, 2020 with the physical event Caring Infrastructures . Discursive, artistic, design-based and activist practices will interact with local initiatives to think through caring practices on different scales and from different perspectives. Social norms, often unquestioned values, and gendered and racialized protocols often act as invisible infrastructures that prescribe the mechanisms of how we relate to one another; of how we care for each other, for ourselves, our communities and beyond. As rigid as these norms and values might seem, they also contain the potential to be the carriers of social transformations: If we inserted a notion of care into our social infrastructures, could this lead towards a more inclusive society? And if so, how can we unlearn our inherited and collectivized mechanisms of exclusion and develop new social protocols, new counter-practices against the uneven distribution of care?

Caring Infrastructures will situate the local as the point of departure for a series of discussions, workshops, film screenings, and community forums – in order to push care and solidarity-based communal encounters from the margins to the center. In order to continue the conversations that emerge from the event in June (curated together with Gilly Karjesvky, Rosario Talevi and Haus der Kulturen der Welt), various contributions, such as the Letters to Joan, the instructions and scores, will be made accessible and possibly mediated and staged at M.1 in October. This event will also mark the closing of Sascia Bailer ́s curatorial turnus of 2019/20 at M.1, in which she focused on care through participatory formats and socially engaged artistic practices.

Disclaimer: All formats and dates are subject to change in accordance to the measurements in regards to covid-19. All updates, including specific times for the individual contributions will be communicated 4–6 weeks prior to the event.

CARING INFRASTRUCTURES is part of the #CARING edition of the New Alphabet School at HKW
The New Alphabet School is a collaborative self-organized school for HKW enthusiasts, new voices in the field and those who already collaborate with HKW with the aim to explore critical and affirmative research practices. Over the course of three years, it will function as a colloquium to engage in discussions and develop ideas in the fields of the arts, archives, poetics and activism. HKW offers a space for research approaches outside of academic, disciplinary or genre constraints, seeking different methods of learning and unlearning in order to rethink the idea of criticism as a practice of shared responsibility and care. How can knowledge be both situated and globally relevant?The New Alphabet School is part of The New Alphabet. It was inaugurated with an (Un-)Learning Place in January 2019 and will continue with ten events worldwide until 2021. More here

With the generous support of Förderstiftung Kreis Steinburg and Kulturstiftung des Landes Schleswig-Holstein



24. October Caring Infrastructures How can we collectively build caring infrastructures?