holo sounds

The music festival series holo sounds was created during the curating cycle of Sebastian Stein (2015/16). holo sounds was originally conceived as a series linking music, theory, visual arts and performance. Since 2018 it has been organised as an infrequent series in an extended environment of experimental music by Jens Fleischer (HB), Nika Breithaupt and Helena Ratka (HH), Claudia Franke and Sebastian Stein (H), Mario Michel and Mélodie Melak (B).

holo sounds #6


16 October 2021

holo sounds #5


13 October 2019

holo sounds #7


2 October 2022

holo sounds #4:
the Free Festival in M.1


9–31 August 2018

holo sounds #2


28–31 July 2016

Ein Sommerfest mit Musik zum Abschluss. Mit T/SMS, RRR, 1115, LIJEL, schluss und einem Special Guast (TBA).

holo sounds #1
Ryan Jordan; a.melodie

Festival, Workshop

22–23 April 2016