11. September 2015




Those English miscreants the HUMAN HEADS are shoving wonky song, magical spoken word and antique electronic-squelch into semi-improvised story forms especially for you Hohenlockstedt. With a stubborn rejection of the classic ‘rock’ or ‘jazz’ group structure (the sweaty quartet, the junked trio) the HUMAN HEADS settle on the synth-duo as their medium of choice but turn that Yazoo strictly inside-out. Ben Knight intones his dog-eared street stories gasping and seizing like a filthy roll mop. Hannah Ellul plugs into a more robotic vibe and coaxes the rotten machines to throb and roll their electronic ‘R’s.’

Based in their mysterious Psykick Dancehall; the HUMAN HEADS have been lobbing out sweet tapes, CD-rs and remixes alongside some seriously hot artzines and live events for years. The curious (and suspicious) should check out these glorious HUMAN HEADS tapes from head-shrinkers Singing Knives; and new age goons Tanzprocesz;. You want sonic action? PRESS ME; baby! Stick your fingers in your ears and scoop out that golden wax. Breathe the menthol in deeply and clear your troubled mind, for The HUMAN HEADS ARE SPOONING OUT WISDOM AS SLINKY AS A STRAY CAT.

(Text by Joe Murray)