14 July 2019
11–16 h

Everyday Strategies against Isolation A Workshop on Solitude & Support
What kind of support and relationships do I want in my everyday life?


Manuela Zechner

In this workshop we will explore care and trust together. We will follow our daily relationships and rituals to better understand how to deal with loneliness and isolation. How and when do we have trust? When and from whom do we expect help and support? What do our relationships and networks lack in order to take better care of ourselves and others?

The workshop facilitator Manuela Zechner will propose various methods from art and pedagogy with which we can visualize our situations and playfully address some difficult questions. The aim is to convey that we are not alone with these questions. We will therefore collectively explore strategies with which we can build a network of support for our everyday life, so that we can take better care of ourselves and others.

Manuela Zechner is an artist, researcher and mediator. She organises workshops on topics such as care, group processes, mobility/migration and motherhood using playful research methods. She is currently working on self-organized kindergartens in Poble Sec, Barcelona. She completed her doctorate on precarity and care networks at Queen Mary University London in 2013 and is now part of an EU research project on Commons in Southern Europe. Since 2005 she has led the Future Archive project, is involved in the radio project Sounds of Movement, is part of the Nanopolitics Group and the Radical Practices of Collective Care research project. Since 2016 everything has been somewhat different and more interesting because she has a little daughter in tow.


The workshop is open to all who care for other people privately, professionally or voluntarily or who receive care from others themselves - be it at home, in schools, hospitals, day care centres, social projects, etc. With a joint lunch and child care on site (on request). The workshop is free of charge, please register at Sascia Bailer sb@arthurboskamp-stiftung.de, or call 04826 850 110.

Part of the workshop series "Care for Care-Workers"

Who takes care of those who take care? This question is the focus of the workshop series "Care for Care-Workers", in which topics such as trust, support, self-esteem and recognition are dealt with using playful artistic methods. This program is curated and organized by Sascia Bailer, Artistic Director 2019/20 of the Arthur Boskamp-Stiftung. Further information can be found at www.m1-hohenlockstedt.de/kuratieren/2019-2020/