M.1 Lokal

M.1 Lokal stands for the foundation’s trans-locally oriented activities, which may or may not be connected to the Artistic Director’s program. The M.1 Lokal program is situated at the interstices of art education, social practice and amateur culture, and most of its components are conceived in collaboration with people on-location, for the locality. Being a concrete location at the center, the M.1’s “Lokal” (Clubroom) offers a permanent space for these activities.

  • Filmclub M.1

    The Film Club M.1, organized by Rüdiger Blaschke from Hohenlockstedt, has been showing since 2010 approximately 20 features and documentary films like a cinema program spread over two blocks, one in the spring and one in the fall.

  • Filmclub Extra

    The Filmclub M.1 Extra features additional filmscreenings, organized by various people.

  • Kochclub

    Der Kochclub trifft sich unregelmäßig im M.1 zum offenen Training. Die Kochgruppe übt einen zukunftsfähigen Umgang mit Lebensmitteln und menschlichem Miteinander. Am Ende der Abende steht immer ein gemeinsames Essen (auf dem Tisch).

  • Miscellaneous events

  • Zu Gast im M.1

    • 255ϛ1 @ M.1

      International Villagemagazine. Consists of monthly public editorial meetings, “live contributions” and a printed Magazin, distributed from hand to hand.

    • holo sounds

      The music festival series holo sounds was created during the curating cycle of Sebastian Stein (2015/16). holo sounds was originally conceived as a series linking music, theory, visual arts and performance. Since 2018 it has been organised as an infrequent series in an extended environment of experimental music by Jens Fleischer (HB), Nika Breithaupt and Helena Ratka (HH), Claudia Franke and Sebastian Stein (H), Mario Michel and Mélodie Melak (B).