The QUEER BAR takes place in the garden of M.1 in Hohenlockstedt. With it, hosting will become a collaborative practice: each evening will be co-hosted by different persons. Under shifting mottos, special drinks will be served, tables decorated and themes discussed – thus creating an ever-changing space that invites everyone who is interested to come together, exchange ideas and celebrate together.

The QUEER BAR was launched last year as a project by Berlin based artist Paul Niedermayer as part of Agnieszka Roguski’s GOSSIP- programme. People from different generations and social milieus quickly came together, became friends, travelled from other parts of Germany or joined from the neighbourhood. In 2022, former guests will become co-hosts of the QUEER BAR: They will design the evenings and give them an individual perspective. They are united by the question of how queer people can come together in the rural area to create a shared, safe space that offers space for exchange and networking.

All interested people are welcome, regardless of age, skin colour and sexual identity – diverse and free of discrimination! The bar nights always start at 6 pm in the covered garden of the M.1. Admission is free and barrier-free.



25 June 2022

"Beach Time - Queerness and Age" with Detlev Schulz

The season kicks off with an evening created by Detlev Schulz: under the motto "Beach Time – Queerness and Age" we celebrate the crossing of different generations. Age is neither a taboo subject nor a stigma, but a part of queer life that affects all phases of life equally, even beyond the party. With the right drinks we create a night full of places of longing – it's beach time!

2 July 2022

"Chosen Family" with Mark Christoph Klee

A "Chosen Family" is the family of choice that plays an important alternative to the so-called blood relationship in queer communities. "Chosen Families" are as much a condition of life as self-determination. They recognise marriages without a legal basis and relationships without marriage, friendships become siblings, sisters* become brothers* and vice versa. Responsibility and love are here a matter of relationship, not blood ties – and best of all with a champagne in hand!

30 July 2022

"Out of the Closet - Into the Drinks" with Hendrik Weber

"Out of the Closets and Into the Streets" was the slogan of the gay and lesbian movement in the USA in the late sixties. The call stands for a moment of consciousness-raising in which queer people came out of hiding and joined the protests of the civil rights movement of the time. The private was made public; thus becoming a political statement that transcended a specific region and changed the way queer people were seen. The personal wardrobe thus transformed into a term of struggle. In the garden of M.1 it is opened again. Here it leads from the streets into the protected space of the bar, where summer drinks are served and the finale of QUEER BAR is celebrated.


The QUEER BAR is funded by the Ministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Kultur Schleswig-Holstein and the programme Neustart Kultur der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien (BKM).



25. June Beach Time – Queerness and Age | with Detlev Schulz
2. July Chosen Family | with Marc Christop Klee
30. July Out of the Closet – Into the Drinks | mit Hendrik Weber