holo sounds #4


The experimental music festival holo sounds #4 is hosted at the M.1 in August and we, the team of the foundation, are happy that this festival takes place in 25551 Hohenlockstedt with a great program and with great musicians and artists. In the summer of 2016, eight organizers and curators from the experimental music scene from Bremen, Berlin, Hanover and Hamburg met for a two-day exchange of ideas during a workshop at the M.1. In 2018 they will meet again with holo sounds #4, which marks the beginning of the series holo sounds, which has become an important and interesting meeting place for experimental musicians and artists.

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11. August during the day/evening: exhibition with works from Katrin Caspar & Neva-Liisa Puhakka, Stefan Roigk

For more infos about the exhibition see above under 10.08.

during the day/evening: film screening RAW CHICKS.BERLIN

For more infos about the film RAW CHICKS.BERLIN see above under 10.08.

during the day: Workshop "Analog Synthesizer" by Tara Pattenden (Bristol) // fee 30 Euro (two days, incl. meals), registration at info@holosounds.org

For more infos on the workshop see above under 10.08.

20 h Concerts by Katharina Hauke (Berlin), Sisters of Midnight (Hamburg), Cotopaxi (Antwerpen)

Katharina Hauke
Together with Dominik Hildebrand Marques Lopes she created the micro controller, which consists of a control station for fingers and a foot pedal with whose help you can play your own voice. After studying philosophy, design and art, she lives as an audiovisual artist and camerawoman in Berlin.

Sisters of Midnight
Sisters of Midnight are a duo from Hamburg that emerged from the bands ELEKTRO SUN and MAUSI SISTERS. They describe themselves briefly and crisply: minimalist organ and maximalist singing.

A sound carpet of loosening psychedelia, endorphin kicks & toys’R’Us-insanity soaked in spectral colours. With tapes, books, exhibitions, tours, silkscreen posters, concerts, etc. Johann FYOELK & Hannah MOEMLIEN have been working on a DIY hybrid for eternities, whose dimensions can only be guessed.

15 h Lecture: Damaged Goods - 150 entries in punk history with Jonas Engelmann

Punk has many voices and many faces, it is loud, impetuous, challenging and aggressive. Punk can guide you to ask questions, to keep moving and critical and to be astonished again and again. For the authors of the book “Damaged Goods” punk is formative for their own lives, has set the course and often remains the motor for their own work. In over 150 texts, the different faces and voices of punk, the lute and the soft, are honored and form a cross-section of four decades of “No Future”. The authors invite to an educational journey in music history, favourite records, overlooked pearls and classics are presented and together form a very personal punk story that comes closer to the polyphony of subculture than a monographic work could achieve. Jonas Engelmann studied literature, is an untrained editor and freelance journalist. He writes about films, music, literature, feminism, Jewish identity and aerial people for “Jungle World”, “konkret”, “Sonic”, “Missy Magazine” and others, proofreads books for Ventil Verlag and co-edits the “testcard”.

10. August during the day: Workshop "Analog Synthesizer" by Tara Pattenden (Bristol) // fee 30 Euro (two days, incl. meals), registration at info@holosounds.org

Phantom Chips is a project by Tara Pattenden (from Bristol, England), who builds and performs with tactile noise machines. During holo sounds #4 she will offer a two-day workshop in which a maximum of 12 participants can create and experiment with audio controllers. The main aim is to work with simple, tactile materials and techniques: body parts, VHS tape, leather, fabrics, light-sensitive and other sensors can be sewn, wired, drawn and painted together to form audio controllers and interfaces can be assembled and tested. After the workshop, the participants will present their results live. www.phantomchips.com

during the day/evening: exhibition with works from Katrin Caspar & Neva-Liisa Puhakka, Stefan Roigk

During the festival, the works “Whispers” (2014) by Katrin Caspar & Neva-Liisa Puhakka and “Worte wie Schall und Raum” (2016) by Stefan Roigk will be shown in an exhibition.

Katrin Caspar is an artist who works with electromechanical material and mainly creates kinetic sculptures and sound installations, often inspired by everyday objects. She is interested in systems and network structures, their organisation and (potential) rules as well as their behaviour, their actions and achievements and their possibilities in storytelling. She lives in Berlin.

Eeva-Liisa Puhakka creates works of art that are moments, atmospheric experiences and stories at the same time. Her works appear like surreal images in which fiction and reality meet, meanings shift, past and present merge. She lives in Berlin, Germany and Kouvola, Finland.

Stefan Roigk is a multidisciplinary artist living in Berlin. Roigk deals with the boundaries between sound collages, sculptures, installations, film and graphic scores. His artistic strategy lies in combining different media types into a single composition.

during the day/evening: film screening RAW CHICKS.BERLIN

With her documentary RAW CHICKS.BERLIN (2017, 1h 45m) Beate Kunath presents eleven international music producers from the field of electronic music living in Berlin - with very different backgrounds and approaches to their art. In the five years that RAW CHICKS has been held at various locations, an experimental platform for female DJs, live acts and visual artists has emerged. These passionate women inspired Beate Kunath to create this cinematic portrait.

20 h Concerts by Cam Deas (London), vvrngdng (Berlin), NOHE NOSHE (Berlin), Datashock (Saarbrücken)

Cam Deas
Cam Deas is a London-based musician and sound artist. Known previously as a solo guitarist and more recently for his live electro-acoustic work, he is currently working with pure synthesis. Deas treats synthetic sounds like alien orchestral sections, exploring polytempos and abstract sounds to create intense yet organic, ever-shifting, immersive sound environments.

vvrngdng stands for a wrong Trio, based in the wrong part of Berlin. Snitching mu$ick into pieces, with sharp as a shark wrongness. VVRNGNG is your scum yard with trash bags full of surprises like peaky loudness and raspy screaming, drumbeats like origami and bass bubbles for an unknown future.

NOHE NOSHE is a project by Petr Stef Kišur and eleni poulou that for the first time performed live at Evas Arche und der Feminist. Recordings with Schneider TM and Zappi Diermaier followed. To Hohenlockstedt for Holo Sounds #4 they’ll be coming together with Eilon Elikam. Petr and eleni work together since 1994.
Honey-Suckle Company
Eleni Poulou on discogs

Eighty fingers in the game, but what’s being played? Do Datashock play their instruments or do they play Datashock? It raps, rumbles and whistles - that much is certain. Free improvised music plays here. Music, which is in the process and the result a social event, which is both the individual development and a shared - thus even ecstatic! - experience.

9. August 20 h Conversation "Pleasures & Sorrows & Motivations of Self-Organization"

with the organizers, Sebastian Hoffmann and Hajo Toppius (Antje Öklesund, Berlin), both co-editors of the book “Zur Transformation des Alternativen”