Shira Richter

Shira Richter is an Israeli-American filmmaker, artist, peace-activist and mother of twins. Her multidisciplinary work focuses on the value of motherhood and caregiving within a socio-political-economic and artistic context. She is the director of the internationally award-winning woman-adventure documentary Two States of Mind (2002) about women’s voices regarding the Israeli Palestinian conflict and the UN resolution 1325. She is the creator of two large-scale multimedia exhibitions about motherhood: The Mother Daughter and Holy Spirit (2006) about the secrets of the transition into motherhood, and INVISIBLE INVALUABLES (2011) about the value of care-work in the economy. This work was further developed into the co-authored book chapter If Mothers Counted - Status Symbols for the Invisible Art of Mothering published in the feminist economics book Counting on Marilyn Waring - New Advances in Feminist Economics (2014) by Demeter Press.

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