22 October 2017
16 h

A reading-retelling from Sci-Fi literature


Emma Haugh, Tahani Nadim and Gitte Villesen

We cordially invite you to a reading-retelling of sequences from feministic Sci-Fi literature with artist Emma Haugh, sociologist of science Tahani Nadim and artist Gitte Villesen. The three of them will create a conversation consisting of readings and retellings among themselves and, if you like, together with you. Reading material will be provided.

Both Emma and Tahani have been involved in the process of making Gitte´s video and photo installation Deeply immeresed in the content of a learning stone. Emma is to be seen in the first chapter of the video where she talks about Sci-Fi writer Octavia Butler. During its recording at the Naturkunde Museum in Berlin Gitte had a long conversation with Tahani who works at the museum.

This event will be hosted in English. We welcome proposals and questions in German and other languages.

Emma Haugh is a visual artist and educator based in Dublin and Berlin. She is interested in representations of desire and the examination of cultural structures (architectural, linguistic, spatial, educational) from queer-feminist and post colonial perspectives. She works with performativity, publishing, installation and collaboration towards developing and proposing spaces of potential and alterity.


Tahani Nadim is a sociologist of science and runs the slighty clandestine research department Bureau for troubles at the Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin. She is also a professor at the Institute for European Ethnology (Humboldt University).


Gitte Villesen documentary videos and installations explore forms in which individuals or social groups shape their lives within the framework of their cultural possibilities. She illuminates how subjects and identities are constituted in the everyday micro-politics of gestures, habits, and rituals in the charged relationship between norm and deviation.


Gitte Villesen’s Exhibition at M.1 is kindly supported by the Danish Art Foundation