19 May 2019
11–16 h

The Mother of all Questions: Between Mother Breasts and Kissing Muses A Workshop on Motherhood
Which role expectations do we live as mothers and which ones would we like to pursue?


Liz Rech and Annika Scharm

Through artistic strategies and methods we explore our everyday life with voice and body performatively. With the help of playful question and answer games, we will navigate through our reality marked by all sorts of absurdities and invite with a wink to a different, playful way of dealing with motherhood in our self-image. Thus we also understand our "Mother's Day" on May 19th as a joint review of current upheavals concerning the organisation of social reproduction. We are also interested in the connecting lines from (stubborn) historical images to (our) lived maternity in the present. Which role expectations do we live and which would we like to propagate? In this way, structural inequalities in society that are relevant for all women are uncovered and made visible. Laughter (and lies!) are expressly desired – between tragedy and comedy, longings and anger, desires and/or despair we will zoom in with the participants on their own needs and hurdles: what recognition and gestures would they actually want between social, social and personal expectations on Mother's Day?

The workshop leaders Liz Rech & Annika Scharm are two mothers and performance artists from Hamburg who are currently working on their joint performative research project BEYOND RE/PRODUKTION, which deals thematically with the image of motherhood in the present.

This workshop is part of the series Care for Caregivers

Care work is varied, but the problems are often the same: chronic overload, lack of self-care, increased isolation. These are also present in Hohenlockstedt and the surrounding area. In a series of workshops led by artists*, these themes are in the foreground. The participants are given tools and knowledge that they can integrate into their everyday lives. Recognition, exchange and networking of local care workers will be made possible -- and care will be provided for those people who mostly care.

Questions & registrations

Until 17 May at Sascia Bailer sb@arthurboskamp-stiftung.de
This workshop is open for all mothers and for those people who want to deal with motherhood. No other previous knowledge or experience is required. The workshop is limited to 20 participants*. A registration is therefore necessary.

Free childcare on site

For those who need care for their children for the duration of the workshop, please also contact Sascia Bailer sb@arthurboskamp-stiftung.de. In M.1 there is a playroom where the children of the participants* can be looked after free of charge. When registering, we need the name and age of the child (and any allergies/incompatibilities).

With childcare & shared lunch
Free of charge, registration required