Café Horizon



Carola Deye, Fergus Feehily, Jonas Lipps and B. Wurtz

The horizon is always where you are not. It’s there wherever you look. It is a point in the distance that constantly changes and goes wherever you go. Your present position can become a future horizon.
At the same time, the horizon is always a section and cannot really ever be seen. The question of whether what you see actually is what you see, possibly doesn’t pose itself at all, but rather the question of whether you see.

Surfaces only ever partially divulge themselves. They make demands on their own difficulties and their own reality, even if, superficially, they are just a means to the final composition. Disruptions to what is visible, knowledge about the use of invisibility, stumbling blocks within the composition and the dynamics of creation and effort, can all make a horizon appear hazy. Accordingly, it is questionable whether a picture can ever come about, or to put it another way: how much distance can a hook and eye tolerate?

The exhibition is sponsored by Culture Ireland.

Die Ausstellung wird gefördert von Culture Ireland.



15. November 14–18 h Opening
20. October 15–17 h Führung durch die Ausstellung