23 November 2019
11–16 h

Vegetable Resistance - What are we seeds for? A Workshop on Time
What kind of future is dormant in us?


Julieta Aranda

Sometimes it feels as if we were constantly chasing after time. We therefore seem to lack the foresight, the imagination for another future. This workshop with the conceptual artist Julieta Aranda directs our focus to the rich topic of time. Time is more than just the ticking of the clock; time is one of the most important elements, especially in interpersonal relationships, in caring for ourselves and others.

On the first day we will be looking at the personal perception of time through conversations and theoretical inputs. What is my own relationship with time, what quality does it have, how do I fill my minutes? On the second day we will cook together with our children. We will take a closer look at our ingredients in order to make abstract concepts of time more accessible: What potential lies dormant in a seed (immanence), which later becomes apparent, for example, in form of a carrot (latency)? How can we take this as a starting point to think anew about our hidden potentials and aim for a future that lets us grow? And how do we ourselves become time, a time that is our own?

About the artist

The conceptual artist Julieta Aranda (*1975 in Mexico City) explores the perception of time, space and the distribution of information in her multimedia works. She studied Film at the School of Visual Arts and at Columbia University in New York, and is the co-founder of the internetplatform e-flux. Since 2010, Aranda, together with the artist Anton Vidokle, has been realizing the project TIME / BANK, in which time is traded as an alternative currency to money. For INTERVALLS (2009) at the Guggenheim Museum in New York Aranda examined the individual notion of time by aligning a clock to her own heartbeat. She has exhibited internationally, e.g. at the Guggenheim and the New Museum in New York, the dOCUMENTA (13), the 54th Venice Biennale, 6th Liverpool Biennial and many more. She lives in Berlin and New York.


Open to all who take care of other people privately, professionally or on a voluntary basis. With shared lunch and on-site childcare. The workshop will be held partly in English, partly in German; assistance with translation will be offered. Therefore, nobody should feel excluded due to language skills. The workshop is free of charge, registration at Sascia Bailer sb@arthurboskamp-stiftung.de and under 04826 850 110.

Part of the workshop series Care for Caregivers

Care work is varied, but the challenges are often the same: chronic overload, lack of support, increased isolation. In a series of workshops led by artists, topics such as trust, communal support, self-esteem and recognition are therefore at the forefront. The participants are given tools and knowledge that they can integrate into their everyday lives. Recognition, exchange and networking of local care workers will be made possible – and care will be provided for those people who mostly care. The workshop series is part of Sascia Bailer's curatorial programme at the Arthur Boskamp-Stiftung. As Artistic Director 2019/2020, she focuses on care work, community and solidarity.

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24. November 11–16 h Vegetable Resistance - What are we seeds for? A Workshop on Time
What kind of future is dormant in us?