Artistic Director M.1 2019/20
Sascia Bailer

1 January 2019–30 June 2020

In her term as artistic director of M.1, Sascia Bailer focuses on the complex concept of care. Despite its crucial social function, care-work usually remains invisible, underrepresented and undervalued – whether within an institution or in "housework". This results in social and economic precariousness: isolation among old people and young parents, poverty among single parents and large families, a lack of care across ages, unequal distribution of care-work between the sexes, lack of sufficient and effective countermeasures to the care crisis.

At the same time, care also forms the origin of the word curating and thus opens up a field of tension between its significance as an exhibition practice in the art field and its function as a social, caring activity in society: how can artistic and curatorial practice relate to the crisis of care; how can the invisibility of care be made visible through artistic projects; and how can new relationship patterns be established that counteract the marginalization and isolation of care-work?

On the basis of this question, Sascia Bailer has developed three programme pillars that address care-work on different levels, in order to create a platform for care-workers and artists where exchange, alliances and visibility can be fostered.



Care-work is diverse, but the problems are often the same: chronic burnout, lack of self-care, increased isolation. These issues are also present in Hohenlockstedt and the surrounding area. In a series of workshops led by artists, these themes are crucial. The participants will be equipped with tools and knowledge that they can integrate into their everyday lives and caring responsibilities. Recognition, exchange and networking of local care-workers will be made possible – and care for caregivers will be provided.

Workshop series: Care für Careworkers

19 May 2019, 11am-4pm

The Mother of all Questions: Between Mother Breasts and Kissing Muses
A workshop on the occasion of Mother's Day

further dates will follow



In the open realm of art, new strategies can be developed to approach the complex themes surrounding care work. Art works that are located at the interface of social reproduction and social justice are specifically supported - in the broadest sense: art that takes care of caretaking. This is achieved through theme-specific advancement awards, artist residencies, artistic interventions and exhibitions in M.1.



Considering these urgencies around care-work, relatively little is happening in politics and the public. The question arises: Who cares? Different positions from art, activism, science and society will therefore be brought together to collectively reflect on a caring future of solidarity. What structures are needed in art and society to make inclusion and equality a reality? Which approaches exist already, which gaps are hardly questioned?

Social Muscle Club

27 April 2019



14. July 11–16 h Everyday Strategies against Isolation A workshop with Manuela Zechner
27. April 19:34 h Welcome to the first SOCIAL MUSCLE CLUB in Hohenlockstedt