Holo Miteinander A Project for a Solidarity Community in Hohenlockstedt


February 2020–June 2020

As part of the project Holo Miteinander, we would like to actively pave the way for a future of solidarity in Hohenlockstedt (in short: Holo), which promotes and values the village community, care-work and inclusion. Local actors from these areas are brought together through a platform for exchange, organizing, and action. Our goal: to collectively take care of the needs of the community, and to counter the acute crisis in the social sphere with a community of solidarity. The café area in M.1 will be turned into an easily accessible platform for getting to know each other, learning from each other and exchanging ideas. Together with decision-makers from various care areas, we organise six Storytelling Cafés (Erzählcafés) on topics such as housing, mobility and work. Invited are affected and interested people from the region, as well as people who are already working on these topics. With the help of artistic methods we dedicate ourselves to mutual listening and create awareness for the needs of different lived realities. The task of the process will be to collectively transfer this "new" knowledge into stable solidarity structures in Hohenlockstedt.

This joint project is organized by Sascia Bailer, Artistic Director of M.1 2019/20 and Claudia Dorfmüller, Director of the programme M.1 Lokal.





16. May 15–17:30 h Erzählcafé: Freizeit Wie wollen wir in Holo miteinander unsere Freizeit verbringen?
25. April 15–17:30 h Erzählcafé: Arbeiten Wie wollen wir in Holo miteinander arbeiten?
28. March 15–17:30 h Erzählcafé: Essen Wie wollen wir in Holo miteinander essen?
22. February 15–17:30 h Erzählcafé: Wohnen Wie wollen wir in Holo miteinander wohnen?
1. February 15–17:30 h Erzählcafé: Mobilität Wie wollen wir in Holo miteinander unterwegs sein?