Michael Dörner, Filomeno Fusco, Jakob Jensen, Victor Kégli, Clemencia Labin, Jörg Rode, Oliver Ross, Nadim Vardag and Judith Walgenbach

The starting point of this exhibition was the discussion surrounding contemporary curatorial practice that neither the conception of the exhibition nor the selection of artists involved necessarily proceed objectively or rationally. The curators’ personal taste and interpretations are decisive, and the artists effectively interchangeable. Michael Dörner and Filomeno Fusco invited a small number of artists for this exhibition, whose work they have been following and admiring for years.

In the choice of artists and their particular positions, various aspects of subjectivity are evident. The exhibition shows artistic production that is marked by strong individual perception. It also manifests a subjective look at society, even when the creative process emerges from an apparently objective observation. Furthermore, the exhibition reflects on the role of the viewer, who expresses praise and/or criticism based on his or her personal taste. Painting, drawing, sculpture, video and more are on view.



2. September 13–15 h Opening

Opening Speech 2 pm, Prof. Manfred Geier (Cultural Studies)
Grilling in the garden with sound by DJ Tobec