Malu Blume

Malu Blume develops site-specific performances, performance lectures and videos on embodied knowledge, politics of history and time as well as strategies of collective (un)learning. She* works in various collectives or alone, with the means of artistic research. The research process itself, along with its sometimes private and emotional documents of failure, ignorance, fear or euphoria, is always reflected upon and performed. The central element is always how we can relate to each other within the field of tension between power and empowerment in order to create new forms of conviviality.

As part of the award, she* will produce a video installation which investigates the potential of collective care for queer feminist survival strategies in the precariat. Through interviews, collective workshops and performances, friends will be invited to share their perspectives on care in order to collectively imagine utopias for post-capitalist forms of communal living.


Malu Blume (*1988) lives and works between Vienna and Berlin. Her* practice crosses the fields of art, performance, education and activism. She* graduated in 2016 with a Master in Critical Studies, an artistic-scientific study program at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, and before that with a Bachelor in Art Education and Pedagogy at the University of Osnabrück. She* works mostly in collectives (ff. Feministisches Fundbüro 2015, Heulsuse 2017, Feige. Verein für queer-feministische Bildung und Bildproduktion 2018 -, which she* founded with her friends to advance their projects on queer feminism, archive politics, friendship*innenschaft, collective knowledge production and care.

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