Arthur Boskamp-Stiftung

Netzwerk der Künstlerhäuser in Norddeutschland

The Arthur Boskamp-Stiftung is a member of the NKN, a Network of houses that provide artist residencies in northern Germany, founded in 2019.

Artists' residences serve as working and meeting places for cultural workers from all over the world, especially in the fields of visual arts and crafts, literature, music, performing arts and curation. They are equipped with studios, workshops and communication rooms of various kinds as well as guest apartments for artists residencies. These houses are mostly sponsored and organised by associations of friends or foundations. The performance of their tasks are supported by public funding to various degrees. Far beyond their original task of supporting artists, artists' residences are interfaces between art and society. They provide public spaces for social and cultural exchange on site. Through the NKN, the potential of these places that supply artist grants and production facilities in Northern Germany on a national and international level is to be made visible.