Maternal Fantasies

Maternal Fantasies is an evolving and interdisciplinary group of international artists and cultural producers based in Berlin, Germany. They (re)connected in 2018 to share experiences and insights into the most marginalised topic within both the art world and feminist discourse: Motherhood. They join forces to embrace, discuss, elaborate and express contrasting experiences and family stories, memories, fantasies, desires and horror scenarios related to Maternal Fantasies.

Currently they meet every three-weeks to examine through artistic research, collaborative artworks and lived experience the dynamics between artistic creation and motherhood seeking to shape the discourse of motherhood through our artistic working process. They are an organic group that produces works in different constellations between the individual group members.


The Maternal Fantasies Landpartie is a collective action in form of a mini-residency, where they experiment with open authorship modes, while actively practicing the fusion of art and life by integrating their children in the process of their collective art production.

The Maternal Fantasies Landpartie consists of two parts of collective production: A creative writing session as well as collectively created photographic and video works. Their next Landpartie will take place at M.1 in the summer of 2019:

Part I: „Alltagsheldinnen in CARE situations“ – Erwin Wurm Style Performances / series of staged images
Idea: Following the idea of the sculptural performances of Wurm, they will select everyday objects (dialog with the promps we worked on Landpartie 1) for situations of care focusing on moments of dis-ruption or inter-ruption.

Part II: Collective Writing Workshop - open for interested participants from the region
Reading: Virginia Held: The Ethics of Care. Personal, Political, and Global. Oxford, New York, Oxford University Press 2006
Classic texts on feminist care ethics: Carol Gilligan’s In A Different Voice, Sara Ruddick’s Maternal Thinking, Eva Kittay’s Love‘s Labor: Essays on Women, Equality and Dependency

Further events: